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Blackmail Slave Sissy Mika’s Debt

Mistress Kiara's real blackmail slave sissy

New Blackmail Sissy Slave

I’ve only been back a few weeks and look at all the fun I’ve been having! I’ve gotten a few new blackmail slaves and a couple old boys returned for more punishment as well. However, sissy Mika is so far My favorite. Can you blame Me? Just look at that cute ass in that slutty garter and thigh highs! And they were SO easy to ensnare as well…

Mistress Kiara's real blackmail slave sissy


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Debt

So My newest pet opted for a debt-based contract. For those of you who are familiar with My different types of blackmail contracts, you know that this is one of the more involved and risky types of contracts a blackmail slave can choose. A debt-based blackmail contract means that sissy Mika remains Mine until they pay off their debt. Blackmail slaves who choose a debt-based contract are still required to make regular tributes, and Mika has chosen to make monthly tributes to Me in a sliding scale fashion. This first month, Mika has paid $100 so far. But their goal is $10,000! Can you imagine being My blackmail slave for as long as it would take for you to tribute $10,000? Hot…

real blackmail Mistress's slave debt


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Journey

So how did I ensnare sissy Mika? What do I have on them? First of all, it’s important to note that Mika is a little slut. they are the type of blackmail slave who sluts around, talking to a bunch of different Mistresses and never truly submitting until one. Of course, not all Blackmail Mistresses will really enforce their contracts or truly out slaves, so this could just be a matter if poor training. So how am I going to circumvent this? As many of you know, I love sharing My toys with My friends! I am looking to add a new member to the Pretty Punk Princesses in the next few weeks, and I will happily share blackmail slave sissy Mika with this new Domme. But there’s also the fact that your blackmail Mistress doesn’t fuck around… I have outed TONS of slaves in My exposed blackmail slaves gallery, and even in clips like this one outing luke g. payne!


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Fate…

I’m going to be honest, I have a TON of pictures and videos of sissy Mika. I know that they are gender fluid and potentially wanting to be placed on HRT, though that is a difficult task in their country. they have a girlfriend, and I know that girlfriend’s name. I, of course, have their real name as well, and their Skype and kik so that I can keep tabs on them. Sissy Mika let slip TONS of information about themselves! Since this blackmail slave has paid Me via paypal, I have their address as well. Information is scary, but if only you could see the pictures I have of this blackmail slave! I have an entire folder dedicated to them on My external hard drive (in case something happens to My computer lol). I have over 30 pictures of them dressing slutty, sucking toys, wearing a chastity device, and doing any number of unspeakable things that I’m sure their girlfriend doesn’t know about…. Oh, I have a picture of her too by the way. I also have several videos of this blackmail slave, and they have an XHamster account so I have access to a TON more.


Who’s Next?

So who’s going to be My next blackmail slave? I always have room for more good boys and girls willing to submit to the Perfection that is Me. Too scared to jump right in? Or do you want to know more about how the process works? Here are a few clips that might be of interest…

Approaching Me for Blackmail Properly
Sexy Blackmail Fetish Tits Tease
 Foot Piggy Blackmail & Progressive Financial Domination


Until Next Time…

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