Blackmail Slave Sissy Mika’s Debt

New Blackmail Sissy Slave

I’ve only been back a few weeks and look at all the fun I’ve been having! I’ve gotten a few new blackmail slaves and a couple old boys returned for more punishment as well. However, sissy Mika is so far My favorite. Can you blame Me? Just look at that cute ass in that slutty garter and thigh highs! And they were SO easy to ensnare as well…

Mistress Kiara's real blackmail slave sissy


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Debt

So My newest pet opted for a debt-based contract. For those of you who are familiar with My different types of blackmail contracts, you know that this is one of the more involved and risky types of contracts a blackmail slave can choose. A debt-based blackmail contract means that sissy Mika remains Mine until they pay off their debt. Blackmail slaves who choose a debt-based contract are still required to make regular tributes, and Mika has chosen to make monthly tributes to Me in a sliding scale fashion. This first month, Mika has paid $100 so far. But their goal is $10,000! Can you imagine being My blackmail slave for as long as it would take for you to tribute $10,000? Hot…

real blackmail Mistress's slave debt


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Journey

So how did I ensnare sissy Mika? What do I have on them? First of all, it’s important to note that Mika is a little slut. they are the type of blackmail slave who sluts around, talking to a bunch of different Mistresses and never truly submitting until one. Of course, not all Blackmail Mistresses will really enforce their contracts or truly out slaves, so this could just be a matter if poor training. So how am I going to circumvent this? As many of you know, I love sharing My toys with My friends! I am looking to add a new member to the Pretty Punk Princesses in the next few weeks, and I will happily share blackmail slave sissy Mika with this new Domme. But there’s also the fact that your blackmail Mistress doesn’t fuck around… I have outed TONS of slaves in My exposed blackmail slaves gallery, and even in clips like this one outing luke g. payne!


Blackmail Slave Mika’s Fate…

I’m going to be honest, I have a TON of pictures and videos of sissy Mika. I know that they are gender fluid and potentially wanting to be placed on HRT, though that is a difficult task in their country. they have a girlfriend, and I know that girlfriend’s name. I, of course, have their real name as well, and their Skype and kik so that I can keep tabs on them. Sissy Mika let slip TONS of information about themselves! Since this blackmail slave has paid Me via paypal, I have their address as well. Information is scary, but if only you could see the pictures I have of this blackmail slave! I have an entire folder dedicated to them on My external hard drive (in case something happens to My computer lol). I have over 30 pictures of them dressing slutty, sucking toys, wearing a chastity device, and doing any number of unspeakable things that I’m sure their girlfriend doesn’t know about…. Oh, I have a picture of her too by the way. I also have several videos of this blackmail slave, and they have an XHamster account so I have access to a TON more.


Who’s Next?

So who’s going to be My next blackmail slave? I always have room for more good boys and girls willing to submit to the Perfection that is Me. Too scared to jump right in? Or do you want to know more about how the process works? Here are a few clips that might be of interest…

Approaching Me for Blackmail Properly
Sexy Blackmail Fetish Tits Tease
 Foot Piggy Blackmail & Progressive Financial Domination


Until Next Time…

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Blackmail Mistress Tools of the Trade

Blackmail Mistress Updates

First, let’s get some updates out of the way. I have been having some pretty serious issues lately in My personal life, so My blackmail Mistress blog has suffered. I’m sorry to be so inconsistent, but some things can’t be avoided. To read all about them, check out the blog on My main site: Hospitals Suck!  But if you’re not really interested in My personal life and just want to see your Blackmail Mistress being sexy, I made another blog with a free sexy clip! Here’s a still from it to get you primed to see the real thing…

blackmail mistress kiara flashing huge sexy titsFrom the blog post “I Voted” on My main site!

One more small update that should interest you is My mailing list. I have finally fixed the mailing list!!! The list was not accepting new signups, but I’ve switched over to another service and now it’s fixed. To sign up for My mailing list, go to Blackmail Mistress Kiara’s Mailing List signup page on My main website.

Blackmail Mistress Tools of the Trade

Now let’s talk about why you’re really here… you came to My blackmail fetish website because you want to hear about how I blackmail My slaves. If you look at My Exposed Blackmail Slaves page, you can see just what type of skills I have in regards to blackmailing and outing slaves… Obviously, I can’t give away ALL of My secrets. I wouldn’t be the best Blackmail Mistress on the internet if I did that, now, would I?

I’ll be honest, a lot of My blackmail slaves simply give Me their information up front. They fill out their personalized blackmail contract, return it to Me, and pay for it, then the fun starts. Easy as pie. But some of you don’t like pie. It’s not everybody’s flavor, right? So exactly how easy is it for your blackmail Mistress to get information on you?

Well, I’m not going to lie, it varies from slave to slave, and if you don’t give Me anything to work with I’m not going to be able to do anything. There is no magical website where putting in your Niteflirt screen name “blackmail boi 69” will bring up any personal information unless you’ve pissed off another blackmail Mistress and she still has your info and pictures posted on her blackmail website along with your ID, and that’s assuming you haven’t just changed your ID. So let’s see what I can do with what little information most boys are willing to give Me – name and city.

Blackmailing With The White Pages

Let’s start off with something everyone has access to – the White Pages website. This is an edited screenshot from a search I did for a blackmail slave who gave Me only his name and city. With JUST THAT information, your blackmail Mistress was able to get his mailing address and the ability to pay a small fee for his phone number as well.

blackmail mistress uses white pages for blackmail slave information

Some of you may be thinking – so what? Is my blackmail Mistress really going to pay for more dirt on me?? Well, let Me tell that I have and I will. Because think of the damage I can do with this information… Sure, everyone has a cellphone now so you can easily block any incoming calls from Me before your wife sees. But can you really guard your mailbox all day every day?

Can you imagine what would happen if I printed out the chat log of our conversation with you giving Me your name and where you lived, saying you wanted to suck cock at a gloryhole for a blackmail Mistress, saying that you had actually BEEN to a gloryhole but then chickened out and were not seeking a blackmail Mistress to get you to achieve your dream of sucking a real cock? And this guy here, Mr. NV from NM, has gone into pretty explicit detail about how he wants Me to blackmail him to do it bare – no condom. he wants to catch a disease so that he’s forced into chastity for the rest of his life and unable to have sex with his wife anymore because he doesn’t want the disease to spread. What would she think if I printed all that out and mailed it to her? Wow!

Blackmail Using Facebook

Continuing on with the example of Mr. NV from NM above who gave his blackmail Mistress ONLY his name and city, let’s see what I found about him on facebook. Some of you are smart enough to have your facebook pages set to private so that any Blackmail Mistress searching your name can’t find out anything, but not this guy! And honestly, not most of you. Most of My blackmail slaves are either too stupid to think about it, or they secretly want to be found out and exposed by a blackmail Mistress so badly that they intentionally leave their profiles visible…

blackmail mistress uses facebook for blackmail slave information

So let your blackmail Mistress go over this with a fine-toothed paddle for you… Just in this one section alone I can see so much blackmail information to use against him! Starting at the top, his header image is a HUGE picture of him with a couple friends.  His profile picture is of him as well. Now I know what this guy looks like, so any blackmail pictures he sends Me can be paired up with his face. your friends and family might not recognize you on your knees in a gloryhole, sure. But now I have images to put next to the blackmail photos so friends and family will recognize him.

…OR work colleagues and his boss… Because I also see that he has placed his place if business and the position he holds at that business on his facebook page as well. It never ceases to amaze Me how easy it can be being a blackmail Mistress… Moving down the line, I see that he went to college. With this information, I can find his graduating class via a simple google search of his college and graduating year. He’s also married, so I know he has a spouse he’s hiding from. I bet his wife probably wouldn’t be too happy that he’s talking to (and spending money on!) a blackmail Mistress…

The last little section is his family relationships on facebook. NV from NM has literally given Me a means of contacting his son if I was so inclined! Not to mention all of the rest of his friends. And those friends are organized into categories for Me based on how he knows them. Like, seriously, you may as well have filled out the blackmail contract and handed it to Me with your wallet, dude!

blackmail Mistress Kiara's blackmail slave photos

Going into his Facebook pictures tab, I can see that he has uploaded pictures of himself and his friends. Those aren’t super interesting. I can get pictures of him doing whatever I want at this point. The interesting pictures are the ones of him hugging his wife… Now I have a picture of his wife as well. At this point, is there really anything he wouldn’t do for his blackmail Mistress?

Conclusion on Blackmailing?

It’s pretty clear that even with just these two little bits of information, I can fuck your life up. This literally took your blackmail Mistress a couple hours. It would have been quicker if I didn’t pixellate all of his information out too. So to those of you who challenge Me to find information on you, let this be a lesson. I can, and I will. And if you don’t keep Me happy, you will be royally fucked.

Has all of this turned you off to the idea of being My blackmail slave? That’s fine. I still have plenty of blackmail fetish content that you can enjoy. Here are some of My top selling blackmail fetish clips!

Approaching Me for Blackmail Properly


 Fear is Just Another Word for Excitement!
 Brainwashing Blackmail Tit Tease
 Foot Piggy Blackmail & Progressive Financial Domination


Birthday FUN Plus Another Blackmail slave Outed!

blackmail mistress foot fetish

Phew! I finally feel recovered from all the Birthday excitement! So before I get into bragging about everything I got for My Birthday this year, I have the unfortunate task of outing My little foot piggy, David Aimes. I’m sure most of My puppets remember My revolutionary Progressive Financial Domination video from last month, but in case you missed it, here it is:

I’ve recorded an extra special clip for My little foot piggy david aimes. his clip contains financial domination, blackmail fetish, and foot worship & humiliation all in one ;3

financial domination blackmail mistress foot fetish barefeet

My little foot piggy ordered a custom blackmail financial domination foot worship clip – but with a twist! you all get the opportunity to buy this clip, and every time you do he will send Me a $5 tribute… Or else he gets outed on My site! xD What a dope! EVERY SINGLE ONE of you foot puppets are going to buy this clip. Just look at the preview – how can you resist?

Well, that clip was one of My best sellers last month, racking up enough sales to make David owe Me $175. We agreed that April 1st would be a good ‘due date,’ but it looks like david was an April fool after all… While he did end up making a few payments, he just couldn’t come up with enough money to satisfy his Financial Domination Mistress…

financial domination real blackmail Mistress fetish tributefinancial domination real blackmail Mistress fetish tribute

And, unfortunately for him, that’s when he stopped paying… Which means that he still owed  will incur the late fee of $100 added onto the total he owed, which was $135. However, now that I’m posting all of his photos, videos, and personal information here, he’s ALSO going to owe $100 per video, $50 per picture, and $10 per line of information here:

madasahatter1000 on YIM, david aimes, aka @Littelfootpiggy on Twitter, here’s his gallery:

And, of course, the 3 videos he sent Me of him eating shit and sucking cock because he thought it would amuse Me… WARNING – this is graphic and DISGUSTING!!!

With all of this, david now owes Me the $235 for last month’s tribute + late fees, $100 for the month of May, $300 for the videos, $30 for the information, and $700 for his pictures to be removed. That brings what he owes Me to a grand total of $1,365. Who wants to bet his loser ass is bitch out again on paying Me? Some of these blackmail pictures are from 2010! Yeah, he’s been My little foot piggy for that long… And always will be…

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom cash slavery tribute

But now on to the good shit – My Birthday! This year’s top contributor was My little doughboy,Who juuuust managed to squeak by with his tributes, dinner, shopping spree reimbursement, and real time session. There was one VERY close runner up, though, who definitely deserves mentioning. My little coke boy piggy impressed Me by staying up all night and sending Me over $1700 in one night so that he could snort coke and make a fool of himself for My birthday xD
forced intoxication real blackmail Mistress paypal tribute

Not bad, for a new boy who wanted to treat Me to a fun Birthday! But, as I said, doughboy stomped even this eager puppet’s determination and blew past him with what he spent on Me this year. It started off with a $500 shopping spree on Amazon that he reimbursed Me for…

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom cash slavery shopping spree

And then, just like for Christmas, he took Me out to dinner. The place we went to for Christmas wasn’t so great, so we went down the street to the Chop House, which was more expensive. You get what you pay for… I got an $80 wagyu steak with a couple sides, and it was AMAZING! Almost certainly the best steak I’ve ever eaten! Afterward, I got an adorable birthday cake, which was actually a surprise! I honestly thought we would just have our dinner and discuss birthday fun later, but it was really sweet that he told the waitress before I even got there that we were celebrating My birthday <3 And, of course, on our way out he gave Me My reimbursement.

But the REAL fun came about just yesterday during our real time session! First, before I even set out for the hotel suite he paid for, I got Myself a sexy pedicure. I’d never had rhinestones added before, so I had 3 put on each of My big toes, just as an added Birthday bonus to Myself!

sexy feet femdom foot fetish pedicure polished toes

I LOVE how they came out! But they got done way earlier than expected and I ended up getting to the hotel a few hours before doughboy was supposed to be there. Of course, the sexy cuckoldress that I am, I have 2 hot boyfriends who helped Me enjoy the hotel until doughboy arrived…

sexy femdom fetish cuckold cuck cuckoldress Mistress

And when doughboy arrived, we had a TON of fun! It was a day of firsts for him, with a couple firsts for Me as well! We, of course, had a lot of beat down fun, grappling, face slapping, foot worship, etc. And, as usual, he gave Me a nice fat tribute – $1100 this time.

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom money slavery cash point meet

But doughboy allowed Me to take his ass for the first time in decades, and he also drank My golden nectar (a first for Me!) right from the toilet. We enjoyed countless other fun fetishes – spitting, worn panty gagging, cum eating, etc. But I won’t go into too much detail because I got it all on video! Look for a new clip from Me featuring doughboy soon! But here’s one final picture of all of the cash that he gave Me together. This $1600 plus the $240 ($300 with tip) dinner he bought Me makes him this year’s birthday tribute winner at about $1900. Better luck next year, boys… And never stop trying to impress Me! ;3

greedy real financial domination Mistress findom money slavery cash point meet

New Clips & Stores, Birthday Preparation, & Timewasters Update

Hello again, puppets. I have been having a pretty rough beginning of 2018. My old kitty passed away, and now I’m dealing with some theft issues as well. That just means I’ve been EXTRA bitchy when it comes to unverified subs… But lets start with the good news first. My Birthday is coming up! The Birthday of the Goddess is April 20th, and all gifts can be sent from My Amazon wish list. If you wish to buy Me something specific, contact Me and I will add it to My wishlist. If I like it.

Next up, I’m making clips again! 😀 I got My lighting all fixed and I’m back to recording, starting with the next step in My financial domination addiction rehabilitation 12 step program – the much anticipated step 7!

financial domination addiction rehabilitaiton 12 step program findom clip

Step 7 in My financial domination addiction rehabilitation series has arrived! I will be releasing a new step soon to help My addicted puppets overcome their addiction to financial domination. Be sure to purchase steps 1 – 6 and follow the instructions in these videos explicitly in order to achieve the best results. If you have any questions or need further help with your addiction, you can reach Me via email.

Next is this lovely small penis humiliation lecture:

small penis humiliation sph Mistress clip

In this 8:20 min clip, I explain to you what the 7 different ‘dimensions,’ or rating factors, of a penis are. I tell you exactly where you sit on the scale as far as I am concerned, and even give some tips on how you improve. I discuss length, girth, rigidity, sensitivity, speed, duration, accessibility. Some you can work on, some you are stuck with, but ALL are important if you want to have ANY hope of ever pleasing any Woman like a real man would!

Finally, I’ve recorded an extra special clip for My little foot piggy david aimes. his clip contains financial domination, blackmail fetish, and foot worship & humiliation all in one ;3

financial domination blackmail mistress foot fetish barefeet

My little foot piggy ordered a custom blackmail financial domination foot worship clip – but with a twist! you all get the opportunity to buy this clip, and every time you do he will send Me a $5 tribute… Or else he gets outed on My site! xD What a dope! EVERY SINGLE ONE of you foot puppets are going to buy this clip. Just look at the preview – how can you resist?

Mistress Kiara Empress Hana Femdom fetish crop imact play

And while we’re on the subject of clips, don’t forget to check out My newest clips with My friends at the Pretty Punk Princesses clip stores – now available on IWantClips too! These clips will be exclusive to these individual stores, and will be the only place that I post clips with Me and My Mistress friends! We are still in the process of adding all of the content, but as soon as everything is on these stores we’ll be recording some hot brand new content! What are you waiting for?

And now on to the annoyances….

Like this one, for instance…@ lostinfeet on Twitter seems to think asking for freebies, sessions before payment, and stupid questions which could easily be answered by reading My website is a good idea. When I told him My time was valuable and that he must pay for it, he continued his stupid shenanigans and thus is now outed here.

[scroll-box] MARCH 2

@ lostinfeet: I was wondering about chat sessions with you

@DominaKiara: Chat sessions are half the price of cam sessions and cam session pricing is pinned at the top of My profile

@ lostinfeet: Yes. Do you do like joi foot tease sessions where you mindfuck with your feet

@DominaKiara: Yes, but that involves cam usually

@ lostinfeet: You don’t do it just with images? Or on kik with foot clips?

@DominaKiara: Yes, but that involves cam usually. Custom images are $10 each. Kik sessions have the same price for custom clips if you want clips. Why would it be any different?

@lostinfeet: I don’t know
So maybe just chat then

@DominaKiara: And how can you pay for the privilege?

@lostinfeet: I’m really interested in the idea of being teased and mindfucked to the point where the session ends with me begging to cum on my own face or something like that

@DominaKiara: Answer the question.

@lostinfeet: I guess amazon if we were to do it
Would you be able to mindfuck like that?

@DominaKiara: Of course

@lostinfeet: Silly question I guess
Even persuade me to send evidence

@DominaKiara: Haha love it

@lostinfeet: ?
That would be so scary

@DominaKiara Then stop talking about it and do it

@lostinfeet: Do you do sessions in advance of payment ever?

@DominaKiara: LOL no

@lostinfeet: Oh

@DominaKiara: The only people who ask for that are those who wish to never pay. Trust Me, I’ve been doing this for over 12 years. men cannot be trusted. Period.

@lostinfeet: I’m not like that

@DominaKiara: I don’t care
Pay up first or get blocked for wasting My time. Those are your options.

@lostinfeet: Plus if your mindfuck worked I’d have no choice

@DominaKiara: I have 12 years worth of feedback to back Me up. you are some dumbass messaging Me about My feet. Who would you believe?
If you want to serve, follow the rules. Simple as that.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a dumbass

@DominaKiara: Bye

@lostinfeet: I was just asking

@DominaKiara: And I told you the answer and you still resisted. So last chance, are you going to buy a session or not?

@lostinfeet: I will when I can

@DominaKiara: K, don’t message Me again until you are ready then

@lostinfeet: Ok Mistress.
I wish we could do it now
I could pay next week

@DominaKiara: Message again without paying and I block you

@lostinfeet: There’s no need for that

@DominaKiara: Bye. you can’t follow a direct order so I don’t want you serving Me.

@lostinfeet: Ok I’m sorry

@DominaKiara: Apologies are useless. Fix the behavior.

@lostinfeet: Yes Mistress ?


@lostinfeet: Do you do session samples?

@DominaKiara: No

@lostinfeet: Ok

@DominaKiara: Blocking you for asking again

@lostinfeet: Why?

@DominaKiara: Nothing without payment, and I told you last time to stop asking. you said you would change your behavior. you didn’t, so now you will reap the consequences

@lostinfeet: Reap the consequences?
I was just enquiring so I knew

@DominaKiara: you already asked day before yesterday. Reread the conversation. Deal with your mistake. you missed out because of your constant begging for freebies. Bye.

@lostinfeet: Ok I’m sorry Mistress

@DominaKiara: Too late for sorry unless you pay a recompense tribute.

@lostinfeet: I can’t right now
That’s not fair

@DominaKiara: What’s not fair is how you are treating a Woman you supposedly want to serve by making Her life BETTER. you shouldn’t have asked about a session you never intended to pay for, especially when you could have read My profile or website and found the information in minutes instead of wasting My precious time. Bye.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a time waster, I was just making enquiries

@DominaKiara: Inquiries which you could have found the answer to without wasting My time. Not My fault you’re a moron.

@lostinfeet: I’m not a moron

@DominaKiara: Bye. Can’t wait to post this convo.

@lostinfeet: Post?
What do you mean?
I’m sorry
Don’t post it

@DominaKiara: Pay up or fuck off. These are the only choices you have

@lostinfeet: It was an honest enquiry
Mar 4

@DominaKiara: I’ve answered it day before yesterday yesterday and put it on My site and profile. It’s obvious you’re not going to pay and are asking for freebies, so I’m blocking you and warning all the other Mistresses I know of your behavior. Period. Unless you prove Me wrong and send a tribute in the next 3 minutes.

@lostinfeet: Warning other mistresses?
You don’t need to do that
It won’t happen again now


@lostinfeet: Really sorry about the other day
Trying to make amends

@DominaKiara: Pay up then

@lostinfeet: I can’t at the moment
I’d still like to session some time soon though

@DominaKiara: What part of DO NOT FUCKING MESSAGE ME UNTIL YOU ARE YOUNG TO PLAY IN THE NEXT 2 MINUTES so you not fucking get? No, I’m done, I’m outing you for your bullshit in My next blog update.

@lostinfeet: I’m sorry
Please don’t do that

@DominaKiara: Fuck. Off.

@lostinfeet: Ok, I’m sorry


@lostinfeet: I’m worried about what you said. I learned my lesson. It will never happen again now

@DominaKiara: Too bad it just did because you LITERALLY JUST messaged Me again without paying

@lostinfeet: I’ve learned my lesson though. I’m really sorry

@DominaKiara: Lol, you keep doing it

@lostinfeet: This is different though. I’m just apologising

@DominaKiara: No, it’s not. you’re still wasting My time by messaging Me and not paying. you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t wasting My time.

@lostinfeet: Ok. I’ll stop

@DominaKiara: Too late. I told you last time, your only option is to pay before I update My blog next week

@lostinfeet: Please Mistress
I’m really sorry

@DominaKiara: Pay up or fuck off

@lostinfeet: ?


Seriously, how fucking stupid can you get??? I’ve been MORE than fair with this fuckwad. Mistresses, Dommes, and cam girl friends, I STRONGLY encourage you to block this person and don’t let them waste Your time like they did Mine.

Another one that’s been getting under My skin lately is @blkmailfreak on Twitter. Because I’ve been around as long as I have and because half of you dumbasses don’t know how to properly serve without wasting My time, I require tribute before any blackmail discussion takes place. This dumbass doesn’t seem to understand that….

[scroll-box] JUNE 29, 2015
@blKmailfreak: hello ms hope you had a wonderful trip

@DominaKiara: Of course :3 now I’m back and ready to manipulate some prey… Care to play?

@blKmailfreak: And ya know losers don’t need much manipulating lol

JUNE 30, 2015

@blKmailfreak: hello ms kiara ever use teamviewer combined with bm ms

@DominaKiara: Of course ;3 it can be a great tool

@blKmailfreak: ive read that as well ms 🙂 especially if someone allowed no limits with it read theres fun installs to assist with it 🙂

JAN 26, 2016
@blKmailfreak: heard suprises can be fun so ive left it on with no limits see what all ends up happening 🙂

@DominaKiara: Well, I don’t play without first being paid, so you’ll get none from Me without a tribute unfortunately.

@blKmailfreak: I understand ms I did see you very much enjoy real bm just wanted to offer ms

@DominaKiara: Of course, but real BM requires a tribute FIRST. Remember that before you message Me again.

NOV 14, 2017

@blKmailfreak: hello ms i was wondering if you know tv well and perhaps wanted a new toy to abuse and control with it im open to just about anything installs , controls even humiliation,exploition,and real blackmail if your interested i have tv on and its your to use as you like no limits more invasive the better with real bm 233 929 081 pw 6266

@DominaKiara: Did you forget that I require a tribute first? Because you’ve asked Me this before. If you’re willing to send a small tribute up front then I’m fine with playing on TV and am very well versed in it.

@blKmailfreak: so youve used teamviewer with bm before ms ?
is it something youd be interested ongoing with installs and such ms ?

@DominaKiara: Yes

MARCH 5, 2018

@blKmailfreak: hello ms i see your into blackmail do you enjoy teamviewer and installs to make it more fun and invasive for you as well ms

@DominaKiara: Did you forget that I require a tribute first? Because you’ve asked Me this before. If you’re willing to send a small tribute up front then I’m fine with playing on TV and am very well versed in it.

@blKmailfreak:im actually wondering if you were versed in hacking and installs to assist with blackmail ms or you just use tv

@DominaKiara: Then pay the initial tribute

I didn’t believe My eyes when I went through My older messages – he’s been bugging Me without paying since 2015! I’m going to have to get better about blocking you freaks who don’t pay…

Next is someone who goes by the name Joe Smith. his email is and he thinks that, because I require an initial tribute before I will even CONSIDER meeting one of you freaks in person, that makes Me ‘fake.’ SO TEMPTED to post his phone number, but I won’t because he’s probably the type of asshole who would pay for a lawyer to get it taken down… Though that’s an interesting thought – financial domination where, since I don’t really NEED the money, you still suffer financially for/because of Me in other ways… lol…

Anyway, here is our conversation:


joe smith: Can you please give me a call at 313-***-****

Mistress Kiara: No, I don’t message or give My phone number out to unverified subs. you can communicate just as easily via Email.

Joe Smith: Okay great can we meet for coffee today I could give you the $25 fee

Mistress Kiara: How will you be paying the deposit?

Joe Smith: I will pay the deposit cash

Mistress Kiara: No, the deposit is to be prepaid electronically

Joe Smith: Go wash your ass you are fake bitch

Mistress Kiara: Lol the thousands I make a month in real time sessions says otherwise. Feel free to read My blog and see what you’re missing. Http://

Joe Smith: I will buy you a life you are fake


Finally is @thereluctantsub on Twitter. Not only is he annoying by not paying, but he’s completely disrespectful. I have MANY trans friends, including trans Doms like @DomMal with whom I work on a regular basis. DO NOT say things like ‘tranny,’ that’s completely unacceptable.


FEB 12

@thereluctantsub: It would be so amazing to suck tranny cock for you

@DominaKiara: Then book a session.

@thereluctantsub: With a tranny?

@DominaKiara: Stop saying that. It’s offensive.

@thereluctantsub: Oh ok
I’m sorry

@DominaKiara: Don’t be sorry, just fix your behavior

@thereluctantsub: Yes Mistress
I’ll never say that again

@DominaKiara: Good. Do are you going to book a session do that you can suck cock of a Trans Dom/me?

Oh god that sounds so hot

@DominaKiara: Then do it. If you’re just going to waste My time talking about it I’m just going to ignore you

FEB 13

@thereluctantsub: Great work

@DominaKiara: Last chance to buy a session before I block you

@thereluctantsub: Please don’t block me

@DominaKiara: Where’s My money then?

@thereluctantsub: Please, I’ll stay quiet now

@DominaKiara: Bye. I have no use for subs who do not pay. If you wish to become unblocked, send a $200 Amazon gift card to My email.

That last part goes for ALL subs who are on My loser list and outed both on twitter and My blog. If you wish to have your information removed, pay for it like you should have done in the first place.

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simon morrison exposed blackmail slave

blackmail slave simon morrison blackmail humiliation exposed

So I’m a bit saddened by this one actually. @londonsubloser, AKA simon morrison, was quite the good slave for about a month. he even made his first blackmail payment on time and did a session with Myself and Empress Hana where We discussed his next payment and he made Us some adorable signs.

blackmail slave simon morrison blackmail humiliation owned pretty punk princesses

simon sent his initial blackmail tribute as well as his second financial blackmail payment without being told. he even asked Me to allow him to send several other tributes throughout his time serving Me, which I graciously obliged lol.

financial domination financial blackmail Mistress blackmail tribute

he was so embarrassed to take these pictures for Me, bu t I know he was turned on too… he would have to sneakily call or Skype Me when his girlfriend, Naomi, was away. It was a really fun arrangement, knowing that I was his secret, and that his life would be ruined if she should find out. Knowing that he had to do EVERYthing I said, or else….

blackmail slave simon morrison blackmail humiliation sissy exposed

But, alas, simon morrison, you are late on your third blackmail fetish payment to your blackmail Mistress. I have been more than fair – giving you a few day’s grace period – but you have not replied to any of My texts, Skype messages, or emails. So now you must suffer the consequences of being exposed.

blackmail slave simon morrison blackmail humiliation exposed sph small penis humiliation

Not that you have much to expose, lol! No wonder you were ‘terrible’ at sex! I’m sure when Naomi finds out (and she WILL find out, I assure you) that you will be single and lonely again and come crawling back to Me for attention…

financial domination financial blackmail Mistress blackmail tribute

Well, simon, I have news for you… If you want My attention, or to get your pictures and personal information removed from My blog, you’ll have to pay the recompense fee in your blackmail contract. Have fun with all the emails, letters, and phone calls that you and your girlfriend will undoubtedly get LOL!

Full Name: simon morrison
Age: 40
Married?: no
Faithful: yes
Sex (How often? good/bad): never, I am terrible at it
Kids?: none
What kind of work do you do?: accounting
Kinkiest fantasy: being blackmailed by Domina Kiara
Pets?: cat

Car you drive (make, model, year): Ford Focus 2013
Wife’s Name: Naomi
Yearly Income (approx): $60,000
House Payment/Rent: $2,500 monthly
Home &amp; Cell phone bill: $100 monthly
cable bill: $100 monthly
light/heat bill (monthly): $200 monthly
credit card bills (monthly total):
extras (clothes, books, online accounts, etc): $250 monthly
entertainment (movies, dinners, etc): $250 monthly
all other bills: $200 monthly

Girlfriend/Wife emails:

Give Me the information of at friends or family members.
Name: Nick Morrison
address: 3 Ainslie Close, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR11 JH
phone number:01432 847185
Write a letter to your parent or partner stating your nastiest fantasy and type your full name
at the end:
To Naomi,
I wanted to share with you my biggest fantasy. I have met online the most amazing woman
called Domina Kiara. She is a dominant woman, who has seen me for the submissive that I
am. In a short space of time I have become totally captivated by Her, and addicted to Her. I
feel so incredibly drawn to Her that I have begged her to indulge my biggest fantasy, which
is to submit to being blackmailed by Her. I have begged Her to use compromising
information I have provided to Her to exercise Her control over me, and to use me as a
financial slave. She is far more deserving of my money than I am, and over time She will be
taking increasingly more of it. It feels so totally natural to submit to Her in this way. I have
also begged Her to help me become a better sissy. Needless to say, I don’t feel like much of

a man around Her, and so will be starting to dress more and more as a sissy slut. Ultimately I
want real men to want to use me as a sex toy.
I realise that this news will be shocking and disappointing to You, but pleasing Domina Kiara
is the most important thing to me now.
Simon Morrison